Have you ever been told that you’re just too sensitive? Maybe you feel emotions much more deeply and for longer than others.

Some people are highly sensitive (HSP). This is a normal and genetic character trait that 15-20% of people have.

The sense of overwhelm that many HSPs feel can lead to depression, anxiety and physical symptoms. Knowing that you are an HSP can be a huge relief as many people have felt that they just don’t fit in with ‘normal’ society. Learning how to support yourself as an HSP can be hugely empowering.

The HSP trait is characterised by four things:

1. Depth of processing – you think about things deeply, things like the meaning of life and your purpose. Others may tell you you overthink situations.

2. Easily overstimulated and overwhelmed – you may be more easily stressed by noise, by lights, chaotic situations, deadlines, or too many people.

3. Strength of emotions and empathy – you feel emotions deeper and for longer than most people. If something upsets you it can stay with you for days. You have considerable empathy for others and often know intuitively what other people need before they know themselves.

4. Sensory sensitivity – you’ll notice subtle changes in the environment like the texture and colour of objects in someones home or a perfume. You might be very sensitive to noise, smell, lighting etc.

The HSP trait has been validated by major research studies. If you think this sounds like you, take the short test on Dr Elaine Aron’s website at http://www.hsperson.com/test