Another New Year……………

I want to wish all my past, current and future clients and readers a Happy New Year. I am also aware it is not all happy for everyone so if you are keen to make change this year and need to talk in a safe place to aid this process, get in touch.




Sex Abuse

We ended 2017 with the abusive power of American Film Producer, Henry Weinstein and the beginning of 2018 with the taxi driver John Worboys who raped and also sexually assaulted more woman than have had the courage to report. This brings to mind many clients who can now share their secret and shame. So hear my call and know It’s important to come forward and talk. Please do not feel you have to report your case because the first  stage may be just sharing your story and talking therapy can aid the healing process.

Useful HELPLINE links until you can get to your next counselling session: