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BBC Two – Horizon, 2017, ADHD and Me with Rory Bremner › Factual › Science & Nature

25 Apr 2017 – Comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner is on a personal mission to uncover the science of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

It’s about Rory and ADHD, and he has the core symptoms: trouble concentrating, impulsive behaviour, hyperactivity, talking fast or over others and many more interesting characteristics, I can relate to through personal experience and research.  More science is required but many clients suffer from these difficulties and often say ‘ I have been like this all my life. I can never settle down, relationships can be difficult and I am over sensitive’.  Sadly this lead to depression, frustration and shame where many leave employment.  However, it is employers who require the education to understand each and everone is unique inspite of their differences.  ‘We must embrace difference’. Dr Charles Weedon (2013)

Walk and Talk

As an ex fitness instructor, I truly believe in ‘fit body, fit mind’. There are lots of advantages of being outside – you and the therapist are on common ground and you can literally set the pace. You can meet in the therapy room and later agree to introduce walking and talking. Walking is known to be calming as well as a stimulus to new thoughts and ideas. Finally, research shows that walking is not only good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health. See resources below.

Research on Exercise and Mental Health


What will Happen

  1. You’ll be moving – physically and probably figuratively too. Your therapist will match your pace.
  2. You’ll be breathing and being in nature, which can be meditative.
  3. You’ll be connected to the outside world in a gentle way. If you are going through a life transition, have anxiety or are experiencing some kind of loss   or grief this may be helpful in grounding you.
  4. You’ll probably be energised physically and mentally by the end of the session and that may carry on into the rest of the day and the week.